Spirit Baba


Alex aka Spirit Baba was born in 1980 in bavaria. He had an very earley contact with classical and gospel music… With five years he startet with tap dance and classic ballet and many other dance styles… In this time he heard maney music styles and his ridim expirience grow… In the 1993s he had his first contact with techno music; and 1997 he startet with djing… In this time he was fascinated from the psychedelic trance styles. He heard at his first trance party ever, at the famouse psy club the “Natraj Temple”… 1999 he startet his own party label “Virus_T-Production” and the first partys together with Jac.One also he supported the “Schmox Family” from 1998 and many other psy projects… Also he created his own decorations and light concepts… After a studio as audio technical assistant… He started in 2005 his first own produktions and sound projekts.